Graduate Fellowship Winners Announced

Posted On November 16, 2015
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Twenty-four computer science Ph.D. students have won fellowships from GSU for the 2015–2016 academic year, including Second Century Initiative (2CI) fellowships, Molecular Basis of Disease (MBD) fellowships, and Brains & Behavior (B&B) fellowships.

2015 is the fifth year in which 2CI fellowships have been awarded. The goal of Georgia State’s Second Century Initiative is to build nationally recognized scholarly strength and critical mass around common research themes in order to enhance the university’s overall excellence, interdisciplinary richness, and competitiveness. During each year of the five-year program, 20 new faculty members will be hired. Each faculty position comes with three 2CI fellowships for Ph.D. students.

Seven computer science students won 2CI University Doctoral Fellowships this year in three interdisciplinary research areas (the name of each student’s advisor is in parentheses):


  • Shah Muhammad Hamdi (Dr. Rafal Angryk)
  • Ahmet Kucuk (Dr. Rafal Angryk)
  • Andrew Rosen (Dr. Anu Bourgeois)

New and Emerging Media

  • Shiraj Pokharel (Dr. Ying Zhu)

Trans Cultural Violence

Janani Balaji and Andrew Rosen held a 2CI fellowship last year.

2CI doctoral fellowships are very prestigious. Obtaining a fellowship in a particular research area is a competitive process, with winners chosen by a committee containing faculty members from departments that participate in the area. Although the annual stipend for a 2CI fellow is $22,000, the same as for an MBD or B&B fellow, winners of 2CI fellowships are allowed to hold additional fellowships and assistantships.

A new MBD fellowship was awarded to one student:

The following students hold MBD fellowships that were awarded in prior years:

  • Aliaksandr Artsiomenka (Dr. Alex Zelikovsky)
  • Brendan Benshoof (Dr. Robert Harrison)
  • David Brodeur (Dr. Robert Harrison)
  • Olga Glebova (Dr. Alex Zelikovsky)
  • Yunmei Lu (Dr. Yanqing Zhang)
  • Igor Mandric (Dr. Alex Zelikovsky)
  • Ekaterina Nenastyeva (Dr. Alex Zelikovsky)
  • Yvette Tiagueu (Dr. Alex Zelikovsky)
  • Chinua Umoja (Dr. Robert Harrison)
  • Ning Yu (Dr. Yi Pan)

A new B&B fellowship was awarded to one student:

  • Long Ma (Dr. Yanqing Zhang)

The following students hold B&B fellowships that were awarded in prior years:

  • Badrinath Jayakumar (Dr. Raj Sunderraman)
  • Yuan Long (Dr. Xiaolin Hu)
  • Michael McDermott (Dr. Sushil Prasad)
  • Sanish Rai (Dr. Xiaolin Hu)
  • Lei Zhang (Dr. Ying Zhu)

Molecular Basis of Disease is a program in computational biomedicine that includes faculty in six departments engaged in interdisciplinary research: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics and Astronomy, Mathematics and Statistics, and Computer Information Systems. The program provides both graduate and undergraduate fellowships as well as support for state-of-the-art facilities in these departments. Brains & Behavior is a Georgia State initiative that unites a wide variety of researchers who bring unique perspectives about how nervous systems produce behavior. B&B research groups foster collaboration among faculty from Biology, Chemistry, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Philosophy, Physics and Astronomy, and Psychology. The B&B program is administered by GSU’s Neuroscience Institute.