Angryk Visits White House in October

Posted On December 7, 2015
Categories Faculty News

Associate professor Rafal Angryk visited the White House on October 29 with another Georgia State faculty member, Dr. Piet Martens. They were among a group of experts invited by the Office of Science and Technology Policy to discuss space weather events and national preparedness.

Space weather has an enormous impact on society. Within our solar system, one of the key influences of space weather is the sun. According to the Space Studies Board of the National Research Council, a solar superstorm could cripple the entire U.S. power grid for months, leading to economic damage of nearly $2 trillion. It could also disrupt radio communications, affect global positioning systems, and cause radiation harm to satellites, astronauts, and airline passengers.

Dr. Angryk and Dr. Martens belong to GSU’s Stellar Astrophysics and Astroinformatics cluster, one of a number of research clusters created with funding from the university’s Second Century Initiative. Both astrophysicists and computer scientists belong to this cluster, which applies data mining techniques to the study of stars.

Dr. Angryk joined GSU’s Department of Computer Science in 2013, and Dr. Martens was hired by the Department of Physics and Astronomy the following year. Before joining GSU, both were faculty members at Montana State University. Dr. Angryk’s research interests include big data analytics, data mining, database systems, machine learning, and information retrieval. In recent years, much of his work has involved analyzing repositories of solar data. Dr. Martens specializes in automatic feature detection and analysis for solar observatories.

A news story about the White House visit by Dr. Angryk and Dr. Martens was featured on the Georgia State website in October.