M.S. Project Defense: Sindhura Akkineni

April 21, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 12:30 pm
Langdale Hall, Room 904

Online Blood Donor Management System

Sindhura Akkineni
Advisor: Dr. Yanqing Zhang

The project, a blood donor management system, is a web application used to spread awareness about blood donation. This application is mainly designed to help five kinds of people: people who have not thought about donating blood, people who are willing to donate but do not know when and where to donate, hospitals that are searching through networks for a blood donor during an emergency, blood donation camps, and doctors who want to spread awareness.

The web application, Blood Donors Symbiosis, provides complete blood donation awareness information online. In particular, it provides a way for willing blood donors to register. In addition, it provides special accounts for blood donation camps and hospitals, enabling personal face-to-face communication with doctors. It is a real-time application that links all related parties on one platform, thus facilitating access to services as well as improving accuracy.

Dr. Yanqing Zhang (chair)
Dr. Saeid Belkasim