M.S. Project Defense: Yoshita Rathore

April 21, 2017 @ 1:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Langdale Hall, Room 904

Women’s Status and Policies: An Analytic Dashboard and Website – R, Tableau, Python, and JavaScript

Yoshita Rathore
Advisor: Dr. Yanqing Zhang

Women’s Status and Policies is an analytical dashboard and website that analyzes the current status of women in the areas of health, education, economic opportunities, and policies around the world. The dashboard helps users analyze how factors like open defecation, smoking, obesity, and insufficiency of trained medical staff are having a tremendous impact on the health of women in various countries. The dynamic comparison of female fertility rates for adolescents with enrollments in secondary education and tertiary education tell us about education status according to income group. Factors such as having a financial account, the number of firms with female top managers, and employment numbers for women give an understanding of where women stand economically in different regions and countries.

This project uses sentiment analysis, unsupervised clustering, and data visualization. Real-time sentiment analysis on Twitter is implemented using Anaconda (a version of Python). Unsupervised clustering is performed on the dataset in R using hierarchical clustering. The visualization is implemented using Tableau; it can be accessed and embedded into a website by any user via the Tableau JavaScript API.

Dr. Yanqing Zhang (chair)
Dr. Anu Bourgeois